KlitterArti is the artistic alter-ego of me, Lucie. It’s where I come to produce creations that transcend the boundaries of perception. My preferred medium of choice is the ethereal and mesmerising substance of light.


Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow, observing that light possesses a unique power to morph and bend our reality, as well as to elicit deep emotions and introspection.


For over a decade I’ve been creating spaces that take guests on a transformative journey, inviting exploration through play and the realms of consciousness.

I love to draw inspiration from both the natural and technological worlds, engineering light to conjure moods and evoke feelings, as well as incorporating subtle invitations to breathe, allowing viewers to fully embody the experience.


My work invites viewers into an altered state, one of wonder and contemplation, calling them to explore the nuances of their own bodies and their external environment. 


  • svgSet Design
  • svgLED + Video Mapping
  • svgInstallations
  • svgInteractive Art
  • svgImmersive Spaces
  • svgNeon
  • svgPrototyping
  • svgPhotography
  • svgVisual Creation + Curation


  • svgLight/Shadow
  • svgHuman Experience
  • svgEmotive Spaces
  • svgSound + Frequency
  • svgReflections
  • svgPerspectives
  • svgSensations
  • svgBiometrics
  • svgTechnology for good